Fees For Our Services

Accounting Services

Accounting services are available to dental practice owners.

Fees are billed monthly. The minimum fee is $650 per month for quarterly financial statements. Fees charged for accounting services include up to four meetings per year at no additional charge.

We will provide a detailed proposal for accounting services after meeting with you (at no charge) and discussing your specific accounting needs.

Tax Services

Tax services are only available to our current accounting clients or those dental associates who are members of our Academy. 

Fees are billed monthly. Most practice income tax returns are no more than $1,500 and individual tax returns are usually no more than $1,000. We will provide a fee estimate for income tax returns after reviewing your prior year tax returns and taking into consideration any changes in your circumstances.

Additional tax services are available on an hourly basis.


All dentists are welcome to participate in our educational events that we call the “Academy.” Our full–service clients may attend Academy events at no additional charge. We will prepare tax returns for Academy members upon request based on our hourly billing rates. Fees for Academy events are billed by event and on a membership basis.

Advisory Services

Advisory services are available to dental practice owners or associates who are in the process of buying or selling a dental practice.

  • Practice Buyer Consulting Services are available to associates who have identified a practice to purchase. Fees are billed in two phases at $2,000 each. Phase I includes a review of the subject practice financial statements and broker prospectus, consideration of the asking price, and preparation of a cash flow analysis to assist you in making an informed offer. Phase II only begins if the seller accepts your offer and includes our consulting services through the closing of escrow.
  • Practice Valuation Services are available to practice owners and come in two options:
    • Option A includes delivery of a Calculation of Practice Value Report and is usually appropriate for private practice sales between known parties (i.e. no brokers are involved). The fee for a calculation of valuation report for most practices is usually about $3,500.
    • Option B includes a Summary and/or Detailed Valuation Report and is usually necessary for contested divorces, litigation, IRS compliance, or the sale of a unique practice. The fee for a summary and/or detailed valuation report is usually between $7,500 and $9,500.

Hourly Consulting Services

(related to dental accounting, tax, and valuation issues)

We strive to bill our services on a fixed-fee basis because clients do not like surprises and we generally know how much time services take because of our experience.

We understand that some dentists are not willing or able to commit to a fixed-fee package of services and we hate to turn away dentists in desperate need of help. In certain situations, consulting services are available to all dentists and are billed in pre-paid blocks of time. The minimum block of time is two hours and is $600. Discounts are available for larger pre-paid blocks of time. Meetings must be scheduled in advance and all time must be utilized within 45 days of payment.

If you are interested in our hourly consulting services, we will have a preliminary discussion with you (at no charge) to understand your needs and to determine if we are able to assist you.

Let us handle the accounting so that you can make it home in time for dinner each night!